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Paintings and drawings


A bit of background

From 1967 to 1972, I spent 5 years studying visual arts at arts schools in England. Ever since leaving art school, I have always worked with visual arts alongside music. For many years I worked as a community artist and played an active role in developing the UK's community arts movement. Among a whole range of projects, I worked on large scale murals, both painted and mosaic, made photographic exhibitions developed and used portable photo-silkscreen equipment with a big variety of community groups, and I also worked in multi-disciplinary teams with drama workers, dancers, story tellers, textile artists and so on.

Solo art exhibition in Reykjavík

Sjónarmið / Perspectives was my second solo exhibition of paintings here in Iceland. It was shown in the Gallery of the Society of Icelandic visual artists in Reykjavík from the 4th to the 27th November 2021. The show was well received by the people who attended it. It was very useful to see the work outside the studio setting and I certainly gained new insights through seeing it in an exhibition context and talking with the people who visited the show.

"The paintings in the exhibition explored the ambiguities and connections between the works as physical objects, the rhythms and shapes on the paintings' surfaces, and the ways that the interplay of colour and tone affect our perception of these features." "It is my intention to make subtle paintings that cannot be 'taken in' or fully 'understood' quickly. They take a long time to execute, and seek to reward extended contemplation by the viewer."


Here is a little video that gives an idea of how the exhibition looked.

​ Looking forward - 2021

Acrylic on 4 mm MDF dimensions top 94 x right 67.5 x bottom 92.5 x left 68.5 cm

Here are some examples of work from the past ten years or so.


'That's all folks!  - 2021

Acrylic on 15mm birch plywood - dimensions top 64.5 x right 63 x bottom 82.5 x left 45.5 cm


 Twisted plane - 2020

Dimensions: Top 79 cm x right 60.5 cm x bottom 82.5 cm x left 63.5 cm 

Materials: Acrylic on calico covered 18mm plywood


Yellow diptych - 2021

Acrylic on calico covered plywood, with brass hinges and screw eyes - dimensions top 81.5 x right 90 x bottom 90 x left 90.5 cm


Second half - 2021

Pencil crayon and blackboard paint on 15mm birch plywood

dimensions 30 x 100.5 x 53 x 103.5 cm

Obelisk 2 - 2021

Acrylic on 15mm birch  plywood

dimensions 40 x 122.5 x 49 x 117.5  cm


Black wing - 2021

Acrylic on 15 mm birch plywood

dimensions 48 x 122 x 73 x 127 cm


Level three - 2021

Acrylic on 15 mm birch plywood

dimensions 69.5 x 141.5 x 80.5 x 169 cm


Recycled echo - 2020 

Acrylic on 4mm MDF

dimensions 95 cm x 61cm

DSC_6866 - Copy.JPG

Carbon hand print  

Acrylic and graphite on 4mm MDF

dimensions 61cm x 94cm 


Golden rotation 2018    

Acrylic on 4mm MDF

dimensions 94cm x 61cm 

Works on paper

7. July B 50x50.JPG
2. February B 50x50.JPG
12. December B 50x50.JPG

Three graphic works from the Calendar series.  Date 2012 -13   Dimensions 50cm x 50cm  Materials: pencil, graphite and charcoal on black paper

Torf 4b_50x50.JPG
Torf 3b_50x50.JPG

Two graphic works from the Torf series.  Date: 2014   Dimensions 50cm x 50cm  Materials: pencil, graphite and charcoal on black paper

Interference 1_40x40.JPG
Interference 2_49.5x40.JPG

Two drawings from the Interference series:  Date: 2015 Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm and 40cm x 50cm Materials: pen on tracing paper


Graphic work from the Hólar series  Date: 2016  Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm  Materials: crayon on black paper

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